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Twyla’s Friends does not have a shelter or Kennel facility and relies solely on foster homes. Dogs fostered in homes have the advantage that they are learning house manners and rules from their foster parents and in return, the foster parents get to know the dog very well and can make the best possible match for a new family, as they know what their particular foster dog needs, likes, doesn’t like and is afraid of.

Foster dogs live with the family as their own on a temporary basis until a new home is found = sometimes that goes quickly, sometimes that takes a little longer. While Foster parents provide the home environment and daily exercise, Twyla’s friends manage and pay for all the vetting. We can provide crates if needed, as well as available donated food.

We ask that:

  • Existing dogs in the home are up-to-date on Vaccinations (for their own protection) and altered.
  • All foster dogs are kept indoors as family pets until a permanent home is found
  • Foster families bring their dogs to adoption events and vetting appointments
  • And that foster families maintain regular communications with the group.

Twyla’s Friends will arrange for the vetting, the photographs and the online posting to help promote your foster to help him/her find a new family. We offer support and advice for any questions that may arise about the dog, assist with meetups, home visits, and adoption to make sure a good match is made not just for the dog, but also the family.

Ready to foster?

The process:

  • Complete the Foster Application on our website.
  • A volunteer will Contact you to set up a meeting for a home visit to discuss details such limitations and expectations and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Once approved – we will match you with a dog to foster and guide you through the process of fostering and adoption.

 **if you have found a dog and are able and willing to foster the dog until adoption, please contact us prior to filling out the foster application. We need information regarding temperament, age, size and medical status**

 If you are interested in fostering a dog you have found, please fill out the Foster Application on our website.

Current Twyla Dogs looking for a foster:


Allwood is a 60 lobs gentle senior at 9 yrs old that prefers to be with his sister Crissy, who is also looking for placement. Allwood would likely be ok with another dog as well, as long as he’s not alone. He’s a little shy when he first meets new people and dogs, but loves treats and relaxes after a little while.


Crissy is Allwood‘s sister, she is 42 lbs and also a little shy, but really likes treats, especially peanut butter. She is not a fan of being alone or being in her crate, so someone who is home a lot and another dog, if not Allwood, would be best for her.


Rachel is looking for a home that can give her lots of exercise and attention, Rachel is not a fan of the crate, but walks well on leash and loves her walks. She would also like to Velcro herself to her people. She is OK with other dogs, but more as a parallel companion rather than a playmate