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Our Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Dog from Twyla’s Friends.

Our main objective is to find the right match for the dog and the family, matching energy levels and expectations to facilitate a successful adoption. We aim to line up our priorities of safety, health, and comfort of the dog with the expectations and lifestyle of the family.

All dogs are thoroughly vetted, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped, fecal and heartworm tested are on heartworm prevention and treated for fleas. Puppies are vaccinated according to their age and will be spayed or neutered by Twyla’s Friends at the appropriate age, typically before they are 6 months old. Adopters will be required to sign an agreement to return them to our vet for spaying or neutering or provide proof of spaying/neutered from their veterinarian.

***Please note that our Adoption process requires a home visit and we are unable to place a dog in your home if you are outside of the drivable Greater Houston area due to our inability to perform a home visit, exceptions in special circumstances are possible.***

It is important that:

  • You are the Leaseholder or Homeowner of your residence and over 21 years old.
  • All members of the family agree on the adoption
  • All members of the family welcome the dog as part of their family, living indoors (all current dogs and cats also living indoors)
  • All current Pets in the household are altered, appropriately cared for and up-to-date on vaccinations with a history of regular annual vetting, under continuous care of a vet.
  • All current Pets in the household are currently on Heartworm Prevention with a history of year-round Heartworm Prevention. Please read HERE why that is important.
  • You have a securely fenced in yard, invisible fences cannot be used
  • You are able and willing to provide the dog with the exercise and attention required for his temperament
  • You are able and willing to provide appropriate and necessary nutrition, training and medical attention for the dog
  • You are able and willing to provide heartworm prevention for the dog year-round.
  • The dog wears a collar with a personal ID tag at all times
  • If you are renting, have the approval of the Landlord, and written proof of deposit.

The process:

  1. Please read our Adoption Considerations to make sure you are prepared for your new family member and are set up for success!
  2. Complete the Adoption Application on our website.
  3. Once approved (vet references are checked and any ambiguities are cleared), a meet-n-greet with the dog will be arranged, we encourage you to bring the whole family and your dog(s), to let the dogs meet on neutral ground to see if they are compatible. If you would like to meet more than one dog, we suggest coming to one of our meetups.
  4. Next step is a home and yard visit to safety-check fences and allow your dog(s) and our dog to aclimatize.
  5. If Twyla’s Friends, the foster, and family all agree its a good match  – it’s time to adopt your new family member!

Due to COVID we are have suspended our regular bi-monthly public meetups but are instead setting up private meet and greets with approved applicants and specific dogs.

Our adoption process starts with a 2-week trial: the Contract is filled out and the Adoption Fee is collected. We hold your check during the trial. We feel that 2 weeks give all involved a chance to adjust and to get to know each other. If, after the 2-week trial, it’s a good match, we finalize the adoption, get you the vet records, and transfer the microchip registration to your family and cash your check.

Our Adoption fee is $250 ($300 for puppies and purebreds). This fee is non-refundable outside of the 2 week trial period.

All dogs are thoroughly vetted: vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered, microchipped, fecal and heartworm tested are on heartworm prevention and treated for fleas.

We spend between $150 – $600 on each dog, sometimes a lot more, seldom less, and we receive no government funding, and rely on adoption donations to help fund the next dog that needs our help, therefore we are unable to give discounts or waive adoption fees.