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If you have LOST a dog in the Kingwood area

  • Start your search immediately – Search your neighborhood on foot, your pet maybe be nearby but is injured and unable to get back home.
  • Leave a towel or article of clothing with your scent on it outside of your home. Your pet may be disorientated and will be attracted by your scent
  • Post a big “Lost Dog” sign with your phone number on the front of you house – if someone has found your dog and is walking around your neighborhood looking for his/her home
  • Post “Lost dogs” posts online – include a photo, brief description and your phone number
  • Check out Petharbor, the SPCA and Craigslist to see if anyone has posted your dog as found
  • Post Signs in the area where the dog was lost – include a photo if you can and phone number – you can find a Template here: LostDogTemplate.pdf
  • Call local Vets in your area – You can find a list in our Resource Section (link)
  • Call – or better yet – go to the Animal Control Facility for your Area – visit each at least every other day
  • Call your pet’s veterinarian and the microchip company to make sure they have current contact information for you. If you dog has been found, the finder may try to call the veterinarian’s office or microchip company themselves from your pet’s tags.  You can check PetMicrochipLookup to see if your Pet’s microchip is registered and who it is registered with, and contact that company to update.
  • Check with your neighbors, especially families with children, and ask if they’ve seen a pet that looks like yours.