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If you have FOUND a dog in the Kingwood area

First, think of the animal as lost and not abandoned and make every effort to reunite the animal to an owner.

Approach carefully, Always use caution when approaching an unfamiliar animal. Frightened or possibly injured animals can behave unpredictably, so approach the animal slowly, speaking calmly. If you’re at all concerned about the animal’s behavior (if he seems aggressive or won’t let you get close), call your local animal control or police department for assistance.

Try to entice the animal with food and lure him into your car or a carrier, or to restrain him with a leash if possible.

  • Safely contain the dog while you search for his owner – preferably in a crate away from your pets while  out of the elements
  • Check for Tags and Tatoos
  • Get the dog scanned for a chip – Any Veterinary Clinic can do this free of charge – you can check PetMicrochipLookup to see if the chip is registered
  • Post “Found dog” posts online – include a photo if you can, brief general description and a way to contact you
  • Contact the Animal Control Agency for your area and  report the animal as found
  • Post a few “Found Dog” flyers in the area where the dog was found
  • Contact Veterinarians in the area where the dog was found – they might recognize it as a clients pet or may have been contacted by the owner looking for their pet

Once you find the owner – especially of a website posting – please ask them to provide proof of ownership with Photos and Vet records to ensure the pet returns to their rightful owner and meet in a public place for your safety.

If you are with the “owner” in person, notice how the pet reacts to the person claiming to be his owner. If the pet doesn’t seem to recognize the person or seems scared or unsure, trust your gut. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask the person for more documentation, such as photos or even veterinary records. Most legitimate owners will be happy to provide additional proof.

~Before you re-home a found pet, please give the owner a few days to find their missing pet, just like you would the opportunity to find your pet if it had gone missing.

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