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Do you have a shelter?

No, we do not have a shelter facility – we rely on dedicated volunteers and finders who volunteer to foster dogs in their homes for us

I found a dog - can I bring it to you?

Please check our Found Page for assistance first. Since we don’t have a shelter facility and only a limited number of foster homes, we can only help once it’s established that the dog is indeed homeless and can only help if a foster home can be found, so we would ask you if you can foster or can find someone to foster the dog. If you can foster, please fill out a Foster Application. You can also check our Resource page for other area rescues that may be able to help

I found a cat - can I bring it to you?

We are only setup for dogs and cannot assist with cats. Please see our Resource page for other rescues that may be able to help.

I need to rehome my dog - can you take it?

We are a very small group with limited resources and are focusing those resources on homeless and abandoned dogs. Please see our Re-home section for information that may help

I want to fix my dog/cat - where do I go?

There are a number of low cost Spay/Neuter clinics in the Houston Metro area as well as reasonably prices Veterinarians in the Kingwood Area. You may want to call around for options, we have listed a few options on our Resources page.

What is the Adoption Fee?

Our Adoption fee is $250 ($300 for puppies under 6 months) which includes Vaccines, Fecal and Heartworm tests, Flea treatment, Wormer – if needed, Microchip and Spay or Neuter.

Why is your Adoption Fee so high? I can get a dog from free from my friend/neighbor/classified Ad

All of our dogs are fully vetted before they are adopted:

Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header
Adoption Fee
$250 - $300 Free dog
Rabies Vaccination
$150 - $400
Heartworm test
Fecal test and wormer
$250 - $300
$350 - $600

I would like Volunteer - can I come to Adoption meetups?

Please check out our Volunteer Opportunities for information. We do not have a physical Shelter, but VAP has, so you might want to check with them.