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Labrador/Hound Mix
White and Brown
Large, 47 lbs
Male, Neutered
9 Yrs
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This pet is looking for: Someone home a lot, Can handle regular working hours, Moderate energy, Companion Dog

Beemer's Info...

Meet Beemer: This sweet and friendly Lab and probably Hound Mix came to us with his siblings Allwood and Crissy after their caretakers could no longer care for them. You see, these guys were seen on video being abandoned as pups - the individual even tried to run them over with their car afterwards - and a family stepped up for them and took exceptionally great care of them. Fast forward a few years and everyone is getting older and health issues are becoming more difficult for the family that had already done so much for them, these guys are becoming too much for the family to handle.

Beemer and his siblings are now in our care looking for new homes: Beemer is a happy go lucky guy who likes just about everyone and loves attention and toys! He is looking for a moderately active home with  or without another dog in it to keep him company, but he'll also likely be fine with a person or family home a lot, as long as he's not alone in the house for long as he's not used to that at all, he's always had his siblings with him.

Beemer is looking for a foster, with or without other dogs but someone who is home a lot, can spend some time with him and take him on walks, he's moderate energy and a little clingy, he just wants to be around a person. Necessities will be supplied

***Please note: All dogs are fostered in private homes of volunteers, so to meet a dog please fill out an Adoption Application so we may setup a private meetup with the dog or coordinate for an Introduction at the next general Adoption Meet and Greet, as not all dogs come to all Meet and Greets***