Chihuahua - Male - 6 Years

Breed: Chihuahua
Color: Tan
Size: Small, 12 lbs
Sex: Male, Neutered
Age: 6 Years
Good w/Kids: Yes, older
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: No
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Meet Tito: this sweet and gentle 6-year-old neutered male Chihuahua is your quint-essential Velcro snuggle dog. He wants to be very close to his person as much as possible, he loves to snuggle and sit on your Lap. He gets along well with other dogs of similar size as well as larger dogs, he just wants to play! He also likes to play with toys, but other dogs and people are his favorites. He loves going for walks and walks well on the leash.

Tito is very smart and food motivated and learns quickly, and is looking for a handler that will continue his training as he thrives with consistent and patient coaching. Tito is smart enough to pick up sublte leadership clues and is looking for a home that will continue working with his current trainer to ensure a smooth transition into his new family.

Tito is looking for a moderate energy home, with or without another dog, and a family that gives him the attention and affection he craves and exercise and supervision he needs. Since Tito does not like being alone, a work-from-home situation or retired family would be best or another dog in the home that Tito can play with, he likes playing with little dogs as much as big dogs. Tito is selective with kids - some kids he likes, some he doesn't, so middle-schoolers and up would be best.

Tito is not suited for apartment life.

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