Andalusian Hound/Basenji Mix - Female - 5 Months

Breed: Andalusian Hound/Basenji Mix
Color: Cream
Size: Medium, 20 lbs
Sex: Female
Age: 5 Months
Good w/Kids: Yes, older
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
House Trained: Pending
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

 Meet Sienna: She loves to be outside, lay in the sunshine, and play with all her toys! When she isn’t running around and pouncing on her rubber chicken - she loves to people watch! She is very attentive and sometimes watches the planes fly overhead. Those big ears are very useful in addition to being super cute! At the end of a long day, you can find her curled up in her “house” or on a plush dog bed. She loves to cuddle on the couch if you let her!  She is so sweet, spunky, and a little quirky! 

She does well with slightly older female dogs - preferably the same size as her or smaller! She can be timid around bigger dogs that are more aggressive when it comes to playtime. She can get used to boys if they’re extra sweet and not too rowdy. It takes her some time to get used to new furry friends but give her a week and she should warm up just fine! 
She is still working on walking on her leash but it just takes time for her to get comfortable and focus. There are so many smells for her that she gets turned around! 
She is still very much a puppy- jumps when she’s excited and tends to nibble/gnaw on you for affection and attention. She also doesn’t like to be left alone while everyone else is out playing! 
She is 70 percent crate trained! She knows that when she goes in her crate that it’s time for bed. She knows that the crate is her safe place, so keep the door open for her in case she just needs a break or a quick nap! The 30 percent of Training we are working on is getting her to willingly go in her “house” when we tell her too. Right now we place her in it. She's not quite trust-worthy yet to be left outside her cage when leaving the house.
When it’s time for dinner she gets very excited! She will bark and fuss when she sees that you’re getting her bowl ready!
She is almost fully potty trained. Keep an eye on the signs. She will tell you if she has to potty if she starts cutting up or standing by the door. She has a few pee pee accidents here and there but knows to poop outside. 
She is looking for a home with a family who has the time to give their love and attention to her. She’s a puppy who can't yet hold it all day long, so someone who is home a lot or works from home is preferable, as she also doesn't like to be left alone for very long. She’s still in her nibble stage, which is unsuitable for young children, but older children should be ok. She absolutely needs a doggy companion or companions! - she is very sociable and learns quickly from other dogs. We are unsure how she would do with cats as she has not been exposed to any.


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