Chihuahua - Female - 1.5 yrs

Breed: Chihuahua
Color: White and Tan
Size: Small, 10 lbs
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 Years
Good w/Kids: Yes
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Meet Pia!

She is the sweetest Chihuahua you may ever meet! When she first meets someone she can be very timid, only because she doesn’t know them yet! Give her a little while and she will stick to you like peanut butter sticks to jelly! 
Pia LOVES cuddles, sunbathing in the grass, watching her foster-siblings play, and occasionally stealing their bones. She is very much an observer of her surroundings and loves to be with her humans. She is always down for a nap, a backyard trek, and snack! 
One thing for sure, Pia is a chatterbox! She barks and yips at foreign sounds but only if they startle her! She also loves to “chat” with her foster siblings! She does bark when she meets new people, but once she gets to know them she will warm up! 
She is peepee-pad trained but she also knows to go potty outside! 
She sleeps in her crate at night very nicely and goes in her crate when we leave the house. 
Likes: Other dogs of all sizes, gets along well with males and females - as long as they like other dogs as well!
Gets along well with children 
Dislikes: she’s not too fond/a bit scared of men, but she is learning and will tolerate them and is willing to sit on the couch with them over time.
Ideal home: 
Pia would do well in a home where she can cuddle her owners as often as she can! Possibly with a care-taker that stays home or has shorter working hours. 



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