Lab Mix - Male - 11 weeks

Breed: Lab Mix
Color: White and Tan
Size: currently 11 lbs
Sex: Male, not yet neutered
Age: 11 weeks
Good w/Kids: yes, older
Good w/Dogs: yes
Good w/Cats: yes
House Trained: Mostly
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Meet Ollie: this gorgeous and feisty young Lax Mix boy is only 11 weeks old and already 16 lbs - he will likely grow up to be a big boy in the 70-80 lbs range. Ollie is curious and very smart, he LOVES kids, but due to his energy and size he's best with older kids. He hasn't met many toys that that don't peak his curiosity and he is a treat aficionado. His foster has started basic obedience with him and he will sit nicely when asked, even faster for a treat. Ollie loves playing with other dogs, but can be a bit pushy, so he is looking for a compatible playmate - similar size and energy. He is doing well with house training and only has a few accidents, continuous training is needed. Once he's a little tired, he's an expert snugger and loves to lounge with his family. 

Ollie is looking for a moderately dog-experienced handler that will continue his training, growing physical and mental exercises will allow him to grow into a wonderful member of a family.


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