Chihuahua - Male - 7 Months

Breed: Chihuahua
Color: Black and Tan
Size: Small, 8 lbs
Sex: Male, to be neutered
Age: 7 Months
Good w/Kids: Yes, older
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Meet Nacho: This cute little nugget of a Chihuahua is sweet and playful and loves attention and affection. He gets along well with other dogs of similar size, has a healthy respect for cats and does well with older kids as he's so little and could get inadvertently hurt by little hands that don't understand gentle just yet. He is pretty quiet for a Chihuahua, but true to breed loves attention and affection and loves to sit on your lap or be held - as long as he can be close to his person. Nacho is still young and still learning a lot, including leash and house manners and differences between kids stuffed toys and his stuffed toys (it gets confusing for a little guy). 

Nacho is looking for a family with or without anther dog of similar size and energy level, with or without kids, but a family with time and ambition to continue helping him learn about the world around him so he can continue growing up as a joyful and easygoing companion.

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