Labrador - Female - 2 years

Breed: Labrador
Color: Chocolate
Size: 75 lbs
Sex: Female, Spayed
Age: 2 years
Good w/Kids: Yes
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Clementine is the perfect Lab. She is playful and will chase after a ball, but is calm and naps during the day. She is friendly with the fosters other dog and after some getting-acquainted time, she seems to ignore the cats. Two of the fosters' cats still avoid her, but the third cat has communicated to Clementine that she isn't going to be intimidated.
She is fully housetrained, barks only when there's a reason to bark (someone is at the door, etc.), and is just a great companion. She is heartworm negative, up to date on her shots, and is spayed.
Clementine would do well with children (very young children possibly not, but only because she is big and might knock them over). She weighs 75 pounds. She would be okay as an only-dog but would probably get along with just about any other dog who doesn't have an overly dominant personality. Her temperament is rather soft. She is not one to engage another dog in play, rather lives more peacefully parallel to the dog
She needs a moderate amount of activity. She does like to chew and will chew paper if she's bored and can find it. She likes digestible rawhide type chew toys and filled Kongs with peanut butter and mix-ins every once in a while.
Clementine is used to sleeping on a couch and will spend time in a very large crate, if necessary. She needs some leash training as she tends to be a lunger. However, she can sit very nicely on command.
Clementine will make some lucky family a very wonderful pet. 


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