Chihuahua Mix - Female - 9 Months

Breed: Chihuahua/Corgi Mix
Color: Black w/Tan 
Size: Petite, 12lbs 
Sex: Female, Spayed 
Age: 9 Months 
Good w/Kids: Pending 
Good w/Big Dogs:  Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown 
House Trained: Pending 
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

This is Bubbles!!  She’s a truly happy petite little soul, that is smart and loves people.  Her earlier life was sheltered so she’s learning & adjusting quickly to new & exciting things every day, such as running in a yard, barking dogs on the other side of the fence, planes in the sky, and fireants.  She’s bright and a really quick learner and will watch and learn.  She thrives on puppy play and has learned to be respectful of her less playful four-legged foster brother.  She loves her toys, especially her mini tennis balls and will chase and retrieve them for you to throw again and again until she tires.   Potty training was previously done inside on pee pads, so she’s learning to go outside and after a few weeks with consistent potty breaks, she only has accidents when overly active in the house and not let out.  She does like to chew, so supervision and distraction is a must. She will happily chew on her rawhide stick and will spend her time doing that whenever resting after playtime with her family pack.  She has mastered crate training without accidents and will go in, on command already, she’s just that smart!  She does okay on a leash with a halter, we’re working on a collar leash without biting it.

She will thrive best in an environment that offers, at home daily supervision, with a good balance of people and pet play, best with older kids. Although we are working on it, she will still puppy bite when too excited during playtime.

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