Chihuahua Mix - Male - 2 years

Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Color: Black and Tan
Size: Small, 7 lbs
Sex: Male, Neutered
Age: 2 years
Good w/Kids: Yes, older
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Maybe
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Meet Benji: This sweet and slightly male Chihuahua mix loves to be held. If you are willing to carry him around and keep him on your lap, he is as calm and happy as can be. He can be a little high strung if you are not holding/carrying him and he will nip at you for attention. He would need to be with older kids (teenagers) as he can be a bit nippy with you ever kids. He would do well in a house where he is the only dog, getting a lot of attention. He will bark and chase cats (his foster family has two who stay upstairs, safe behind a baby gate). We are not sure if he would actually fight with a cat as the cats do not get close enough to find out. He will go potty outside if you consistently take him out, but he does not alert you when he has to go. He will tolerate a belly band. He knows the word “no” and learns new things fairly quickly. His Best Friend is Jake.

Benji is looking for a calm home where someone is home a lot and can/wants to hold him a lot or where he can sit on a Lap a lot.


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