Breed: Labrador Mix
Color: Black
Size: Medium, 37 lbs
Sex: Female, spayed
Age: 1.5 Yrs
Good w/Kids: Unknown
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available
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Vera Vera BonusSmile Vera Sit Vera Sitting

Dog's Info...

Meet Vera is an approximately 2 year old Lab Mix girl who is a little shy when she first meets people. Once she gets over her initial nervousness, she is a sweet calm girl who loves to cuddle. Put her together with her sister Charlene and she forgets that she is shy and calm. Vera is still learning how to mind her manners, we are working on impulse control about jumping on people, so far the impulses are winning, but she is trying really hard.  She is improving with waiting at doorways, walking nicely on a leash and not jumping on people but requires reminders at this time. Potty training is in progress, no potty accidents have occurred in a home setting at this point. Crate training is also in progress, wouldn't call her a fan of the create, but she tolerates it. Loose leash walking in progress and doing pretty well. 

She has not been observed around young children, she'll likely do well with older children, but as she is currently boarded at a kennel facility, we simply don't know. She is kenneled with her sister Charlene at times and does well and is around other dogs without issue, but has not had a change to socialize. We have not observed her around cats.

Vera is looking for a foster home to help her learn some of the finer things in life (if interested, please fill out a foster application here:
For her permanent home, she is looking for a moderately active home that is willing and able to spend time with her and teach her "how to dog".


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