Breed: Border Collie Mix
Color: White with Brindle
Size: Medium, 42 lbs
Sex: Female, spayed
Age: 1 Year
Good w/Kids: Yes, older
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes, playful
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available
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Dog's Info...

Meet Pretzel: This sweet and playful mediums sized girl was found stray in the neighborhood of one of our volunteers and no family came forward claiming her, so she now needs a new home: Pretzel is about 1 year old, 42 lbs and quite active and playful. She sits down in front of you when she wants attention, loves to cuddle and then speeds off running around wanting to play. She has intermediate leash manners - she walks with her person, just not next to you or even on the same side for long - but she is smart, food motivated and willing to learn. Pretzel LOVES to play with other dogs, she is a little intimidated by some bigger dogs, but warms up quickly. She is still young and a bit mouthy, so likely not a good fit for younger kids that might get hurt. She will play with a toy if her person is playing with it, but not on her own, she craves personal attention and interactions.

Pretzel is looking for a rather active home, best with another dog for her to play with, and older kids, if any. She would do best in a home that will take her on walks, exposes her to new things and surroundings, spends time on training and makes her a part of the family and family outings. Pretzel does not like to be alone and would do best with another dog or someone who is home a lot/works from home.

***Please note: All dogs are fostered in private homes of volunteers, so to meet a dog please fill out an Adoption Application so we may setup a private meetup with the dog or coordinate for an Introduction at the next general Adoption Meet and Greet , as not all dogs come to all Meet and Greets***