Breed: Plott Hound/Blue Heeler Mix
Color: Brindle with white
Size: Medium, 30 lbs
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 4 Yrs
Good w/Kids: Yes
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available
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Dog's Info...

Meet Norman: this delightful little guy is about 30 lbs, a neutered male Plott Hound and blue Heeler mix, we think. Norman does not have a tail and was likely born without one. He LOVES to run and play, likes toys and gets along well with other dogs and cats and loves kids of all ages. Norman walks well on leash, rides well in the car and is crate and house trained. 

Norman is looking for an active home that will take the time to exercise him regularly as he really likes to run. He is quite "slippery" near the front door and will take himself for a run if that door is not watched properly, especially with kids in the house. He would love a jogging partner, that will likely satisfy his desire to run and curb his interest for solo excursion. He can be an only dog if he gets enough attention and affection from his humans, he would likely enjoy the company of another dog in the house.

***Please note: All dogs are fostered in private homes of volunteers, so to meet a dog please fill out an Adoption Application so we may setup a private meetup with the dog or coordinate for an Introduction at the next general Adoption Meet and Greet , as not all dogs come to all Meet and Greets***