Breed: German Shepherd
Color: White
Size: Large, 75 lbs
Sex: Male, Neutered
Age: 5 Years
Good w/Kids: Yes, Older
Good w/Dogs: Yes, some
Good w/Cats: Unknown
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available
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Dog's Info...

Meet Kingston: This gorgeous White GSD came to us from the 5th ward via the shelter - he had been trying to survive on the streets, where he picked up his ear injury and feisty attitude and will to survive. We think his ear might have been damaged in a fight over food with another dog - it has healed now and causes him no issues. He was severely underweight, very, very dirty and - of course - heartworm positive, he is being treated with the "slow kill method".

Kingston can best be described as "diamond in the rough with a bit of dirt on it", it seems he grew up without a lot of rules or boundaries, and he's now learning house rules as well as social rules with dogs and people. Imagine a 70 lbs dog that acts a bit like a 4-month-old Puppy - he tests boundaries and is a bit mouthy. He is very food motivated and learns quickly, but also a bit stubborn and pushy at times, and will bark while throwing a "puppy hissy fit", but gets over it quickly.

Kingston is learning how to walk without pulling on a leash, he loves running next to the bike for exercise and does well. He wants to chase cars and trucks and this makes him a bit tricky to walk near traffic, but he's learning to "leave it" and settle down and walk normally. He is non-reactive to other dogs on walks, doesn't seem to care for cats of squirrels we see on walks. He is fully house and crate trained, he does seem to have a bit on anxiety when his foster grabs shoes and purse, crates him and leaves, but he does stop barking after about a minute and settles down. He has not destroyed anything in the house, has not yet counter surfed (has also not been given the opportunity, we watch food very, very closely) and sleeps loose in the house at night.

Kingston is looking for an experienced and patient home, with or without another dog in it and older children only, due to his mouthiness. He requires daily exercise and training, patience and attention and affection to become to the wonderful dog we know he can be.

*Out of area/state placement possible to the right home*

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