Breed: Catahoula Mix/Mountain Cur
Color: Brown with White
Size: Medium, 40lbs
Sex: Female, spayed
Age: 10 Months
Good w/Kids: Yes, older
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Unknown
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available
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Anya TiltHead Anya Full Anya LayingDown Anya TugToy

Dog's Info...

Meet Anya: This gorgeous 10-Month-old Catahoula/Mountain Cur Mix is a perfect medium size at around 40lbs. Anya is very smart, high energy, fun-loving, playful and loves to play fetch and tug-of=war with her rope and do zoomies in the back yard. She loves exploring and hiking. She is crate trained, walks well on a leash and an excellent car rider. She craves exercise; running and jumping is her thing. Loves to cuddle with humans and other dogs sometimes. She follows behind her human all day and all night. Enjoys laying in her watching/ being near her person. Anya is smart and learns quickly, she likes treats and more importantly attention and affection from her person, she's a bit of a people pleaser with the right motivation.

Anya is looking for a home with an owner who works from home or who doesn’t have to be away from her too long, she loves attention and affection. She lives for hugs and belly rubs. A big back yard where she can run around and play all day. She loves ice-cubes, bully sticks and all chew toys. A yard with a high fence. She likes to chase squirrels and can jump pretty high up. Anya is used to going to the dog park and get along well with dogs there.


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