Labrador Mix - Female - 4 years

Breed:  Labrador/Rottweiler Mix
Color: Black w/ Brown 
Size: 50 lbs 
Sex: Female, Spayed 
Age: 4 years 
Good w/Kids: Yes 
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes 
Good w/Cats: Yes 
House Trained: Yes 
Adoption Status: Adopted
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Dog's Info...

Meet Tessa: This gorgeous Twyla's Alum recently found herself homeless again and being picked up by Animal Control, where we couldn't leave her to await her fate, of course. So here she is, looking for a home to care for her like she deserves. She is great around kids - she likes to sleep in the foster's teenage daughters bed (Psst, don't tell mom)  - and gets along well with the foster family's 3 large dogs, after proper introduction. See, she is a little shy and insecure around other dogs, and masks, that by barking at new dogs, until assured and calmly introduced to the dog, then she wants to play. She is shy around men, we suspect she may have not always been treated kindly by some men, but adjusts quickly. She is fully house and crate trained, is very quiet in the house and does not chew inappropriate things. She is just now discovering toys, when she thinks no one is watching.

She loves to go on walks, but needs some training on how to walk nicely, but she is learning.

She is looking for a home where she can get exercise and attention, a soft bed to sleep on and a yard with squirrels to chase. 

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