Breed: Hound/Labrador Mix
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 1 year
Size:  Large, 70 lbs
Good w/ Kids: YES!
Good w/Dogs: Yes
Good w/ Cats: Pending
Housetrained: Yes
Location Kennard, TX
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Phone: 936-655-2279
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Dog's Info...

"70+ pounds of sweetness and getting sweeter. Dumped in the Davy Crockett National Forest, East Texas, around May 8th, 2019. Maybe a year old, still squats to pee. Black and tan big, loving gentle giant. I've had him neutered, he's current on rabies, has had a 10 way booster and kennel cough shots. Gomer lives to learn, work and please. He is super intelligent; learned to sit in one day, stay in two, shakes hands on his own and we are currently working daily on walking on a leash. Thunder and lightning do not bother him. He stayed in a dog house outdoors during the severe storms we had. Gun shots don't scare him he simply doesn't like the noise and wants back indoors. He loves people greeting everyone with wagging tail and toothy grin. His size alone makes people stop in their tracks. He does not bark. On the 3 occasions he has it was deep nights and a reason to investigate. We had bow hunting night poachers that he alerted us to. We learned if this dog barks it's something that is definitely NOT supposed to be here. He loves water and will spend hours in the pond chasing minnows and frogs. Gomer's most loved thing in the world are children. He is the best kids dog I've seen in my life preferring children over anything or anyone else.  He is not food aggressive and does well with other dogs. He has become a "house horse" due to the extreme heat and does exceptionally well indoors. Older terrier mix has helped teach him "outside potty." He's had only one accident indoors. Gomer's only fault is anything his size or smaller that runs from him is an invitation to play. He does not chase to hurt or kill. He chases anything that runs; chickens, cats, goats, but does not bother calves. Cows scare him to death. I have a cat and we're working daily on finding out she's not a toy. He's doing well with her. Gomer NEEDS a home with children or at least a home with another dog or dogs his size or near about his size and age to play with. I'm working with him daily on manners hoping to find his forever home with someone who will appreciate him for the great and loving dog he is.


Sue Wheelock
936-655-2279 home phone


Posting Date: 8/19/2019