Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix
Color: Black and Tan
Size: Medium, 41 lbs
Sex: Female, Spayed
Age: 1.5 Years
Good w/Kids: Unknown
Good w/Dogs: Yes, most
Good w/Cats: Unknwon
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Adoption Pending
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Dog's Info...

Meet Jasmina: This sweet and playful medium sized Australian Shepherd and Catahoula (?) mix has had a round start in life, after being dumped, semi-rescued only to be encouraged to continue roaming to find another place to land. She got lucky and found a fabulous foster where she received full vetting and playtime with other dogs as well as sofa suggle time and relax time. 

She loves to play tug of war with her toys, chew on bones and wrestle with her canine foster brothers! Her favorite things are to be given affection and rubs of course! She is house and crate trained. She gets anxious when she is left in her crate and will bark for a little bit and given a chew bone in her crate, she will soon settle down. She is just afraid someone will leave her again and not come back. She walks well on a leash. She will definitely need a good amount of exercise, playtime, training and attention. She sits for treats, toys and of course food! She is not food aggressive.

Her perfect home would be with a family or individual that has time to give her plenty of exercise, attention and love. As she is so active, a family with older children would be appropriate.


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