Breed: Boxer Mix
Color: Black
Size:  50 lbs
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 yrs
Good w/Kids: Yes - older kids
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes
Good w/Cats: Pending
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available
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Fernando's Info...

Fernando is a happy and energetic boxer mix. He is approximately 1.5 yrs old and he likes to be part of a family setting and is very attentive. He is good with other dogs in the family, children and cats. Being a youngster, he needs consistent exercise and training to help him fill his potential of being a wonderul family dog. 

He is house trained and is learning to walk on a leash. He is very smart and is extremely responsive to commands.

Fernando is looking for a home with an active family, and another dog of similar size and energy level. 

***Please note that not every dog is at every adoption event, if you are looking to meet a specific dog please email us so we may contact the Foster parent.

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