Breed:  German Shepherd
Color: Black & Tan 
Size: Large, 75 lbs 
Sex: Male, Neutered 
Age: 1.5 years
Good w/Kids: Yes 
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes, big dogs
Good w/Cats: No 
House Trained: Yes 
Adoption Status: Available
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Dog's Info...

Meet Capone: This gorgeous 1.5-year-old Purebred male German Shepherd is sweet and playful with a "big boy" bark. He will bark at the new dogs he encounters during walks, all he wants is to say hello and play, however, he shouldn't be trusted around little dogs as he gets into "prey-stalking mode" around them. He is fully house trained, walks pretty well on a leash, although he is strong and will try to pull if you let him. He loves to play with his Jolly ball, is still learning that "drop the ball" keeps the game going, fetching and returning isn't his thing. He is a great snuggler, loves to sit on your Lap, nevermind that he is technically a little too big for that. Rides well in the car. He loves kids, follows them and loves all the attention he can get, without getting too jealous if the other dogs in his fosters home get attention too. He sleeps through thunderstorms and has shown curiosity about the pool, but not enough to get in it. He has slightly elevated exercise requirements for a GSD and loves to run, so he needs some sort of daily exercise, some training, and continued guidance on how to politely meet new dogs. He is crate trained and eats in his crate, but has also shown expertize at getting out of crates, so he should not be crated for long periods of time.

Capone is looking for a home with another large dog for him to play with or a home with prior large dog experience where someone is home a lot or working from home. He requires daily exercise and training and craves affection.


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