Breed: Pointer/Labrador Mix
Color: Black & White 
Size: Medium, 35lbs
Sex: Female, spayed
Age: 8 Months 
Good w/Kids: Yes 
Good w/Big Dogs: Yes 
Good w/Cats: Pending 
House Trained: Yes
Adoption Status: Available 
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Dog's Info...

*New Photos to come - she is 5 months in these photos*

Meet Princess Anna: This sweet 8-month old Pointer Mix is calm-tempered and loving and prefers the company of other dogs. (updated Photos to come, photos shown are at 4 months) She is a little shy when meeting new people but warms up quickly, and likes the other dogs to show her "how its done". She wants to be everywhere with you and might just be the snuggliest dog ever! She overcame a back injury that prevented her from walking to now not only walk, but run, jump and play, and should not have any future complications from this incident. She has a healthy appetite and will do anything for a treat, which makes training much easier. She is kennel and leash trained, rides well in the car.

Anna is looking for an active home with another dog as a playmate and confidence booster.

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